Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping today

Scott and I are on Vacation until after the first. :) I decided to go pick up a few things from the store this morning. I was so nice to go to shop during the day. There were not very many people out. First Stop Walgreen's.
I went to get the Free after rebate Revlon Matte Makeup and a few other things. My Walgreen's didn't even have a display for these items. I asked and they said they would get a truck in tomorrow maybe they would be on that. I can't believe it. They didn't even have a spot on the shelf and it is in the rebate book and was in the flyer this week. I got several Christmas items 75% off to save for next year. I also got the Glade oil candle $3.99 less $2.50 coupon and will send in for the $1 rebate. I also got Garnier Fructis Mousse for $3.49 less $2 easy saver coupon and $1 manfg coupon. This is my favorite hair product and I got it for only 49 cents. I can't believe I haven't read about this on any of the other blogs. I will be stocking up this month. There were tons of makeup on sale. Some of every brand. I wish I would have taken more coupons with me but I had the Revlon one with me so I got some powder on sale for $3.49 and I had a $2 coupon with me. This made the powder that was normally $11.XX only $1.49.

Next stop Fred's
This is in the same shopping center as Country Mart. I got some Mean Green. It was $1.79 less $1.50 manfg coupon. My total after tax was $.31. It's not too often I walk out of a store spending only pocket change. If you have never used this stuff before it is great for all kinds of cleaning including stains on clothing, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.

Last stop Country Mart
I had went to buy chicken just to find out it was only on sale for 3 days. I splurged for some chips and dip since we are on vacation and got a good deal on some ribeye steaks. My total came to $13.32. Not one of my best deals but we are on vacation. It was so nice out today we grilled the steaks and they were yummy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

MP3 Player

At work this year we got points we were able to spend on items in an online catalog. Instead of getting Christmas presents for others or something practical like pots and pans, I splurged on myself. I got a Sony Walkman MP3 Player. After many days of trying to figure out how to get the Itunes we had already purchased onto the player, I am now able to use this crazy thing. Well, I still don't know how to use all the functions. It took an extremely long time burning CDs putting them back on the computer and converting them to MP3. Does anyone else have a MP3 player? If so where do you get your music from? I don't know much about what is out on the net. I think some may not be legal and I don't want to get a virus on my computer so I am looking for a dependable place to get my music from. Any suggestions? This player is so cool! The best part is. . . . . . It was FREE!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Walgreens Easy Saver

I can't believe it. I just submitted my Easy Saver rebate and it was only $2 for the Scotch Tape. Since I started this several months ago this is the lowest rebate I have had. I didn't even spend my gift card from last month. Looks like there are going to be better rebates for next month. :)

Do you make homemade gifts?

I try to do something special from the heart for my family each year. It really seams to be a dying art. Anyway, 2 years ago I made homemade Christmas cards. It was a larger chore than what I thought it was going to be. I started in November and was still working on them mid December so they were mailed a little late. It was so worth it. My mom didn't even know they were homemade. I don't know if I did anything last year other than make some homemade peanut clusters to take to the places we would be. This year I made box of homemade candy for each family. It took several late evenings to get all the goodies done. I think everyone enjoyed the boxes. My hope this year is to be a little more organized and plan ahead. I think I have a idea of what I am going to do next year but not sure yet. If I plan now I can shop for the needed items all year long. What are some of your favorite homemade gifts that you have received or gave? How early do you start on your special gifts?

I hope to make something special every year. My little brother must know this is important to me. He gave me a book on how to have a green/homemade Christmas.

It's nice when

It's nice when you find out someone will be at Christmas you weren't expecting and you are able to pull a gift out of your laundry room. This year my sister's x-step daughter (long story) and son came to Christmas. It was nice to be able to put her together a small care package. She is in the army and traveling around so I think the package of deodorant, makeup, toothbrush, paste, etc. will be useful for her. For her son, I had got a few hot wheels when Walgreen's ran a really good deal on them. There always seams to be a kid that shows up that I am not expecting. So the hot wheels and the Johnson soap that I got for free worked out great. It was so nice to have on hand something that I could put together so they wouldn't be left out. I love seeing family for the holidays. What a special treat that they were able to come to town.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas ! !

Hope you are having a wonderful time with family and Friends. Will be back to normal blogging soon.

Happy Holidays!


Monday, December 15, 2008


I live is a house of meat eaters which is by far the most expensive thing we buy on our Grocery list. Here are a few things that I do to keep this cost down.

1.) I usually buy family packs of meat which saves money per pound. I then split it into family size meals and freeze it.

2.) I always shop the sales and try to only buy meat that is on sale that week. If there are not any good sales that week I try not to buy meat that week unless we don't have any in the freezer.

3.) If there is something that I know we eat alot of on sale I always stock up so I don't have to buy it at full price. (For example, I always stock up on Boneless Skinless chicken when it is under $2 a pound. We eat a ton of chicken. I bought 5 or 6 pounds the other day for $1.79 a pound which should last several weeks but we didn't have any in the freezer. I was starting to sweat that I was going to have to pay full price.)

4.) I comp ad other stores at Wal-Mart if I am unable to make it to the other stores.

5.) I substitute ground turkey for ground chuck. I don't think the kids knew I was doing this forever. It's lean and costs $1.59 for a pound roll at Wal-Mart. (For example, if I am making meat loaf I use one pound of ground chuck and one pound of turkey. This helps keep it lean and saves me money. I also use ground turkey for spaghetti and hamburger helper.) I try to always buy ground chuck so the ground meat is lean which means I pay a little more for this but feel it is worth it.

6.) Try not to be wasteful. This is hard. We take left overs for lunch but still things get wasted. If it happens to stay in the fridge a little too long we either give it to the dogs or to the the stay cats. Things get wasted around here more that I would like to admit.

With all that said, Scott did awesome comp adding at Wal-Mart this week. He comped Harter House in Branson which our Wal-Mart honors. He got several pounds of Granny Smith apples for $.49lb and got about 10lbs of Ground Chuck for $1.69lb. This saved us a dollar a pound on apples and $1.15 a pound on Ground Chuck. I'm so glad I have convinced him that price shopping is worth it and it saved me a trip to Wal-Mart. WOOHOO!! The cashier gave him a hard time so I might not be able to talk him into doing it again.

Does anyone have any other pointers on how to save on our meat purchases?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

$25.40 Gas

This may not be a big deal to everyone but I am so excited about my gas purchase. I drive a Mitsubishi Montero Sport Suv and my gas light came on during the drive home yesterday. I stopped and fill my tank up and it was only $25.40. I can't believe gas is at $1.56 here. We are usually the highest town around. Anyway I had to do a double take and make sure that was correct. Going from between $50 and $60 to fill up to $25 is the best deal I have had in a while. That's more money to spend on something else.

Walgreen's is Crazy!

Well, I went to Walgreen's on my lunch hour today and it was packed. There were crowds of people everywhere. I finally gathered together the things I was buying. I had several of the Walgreen's coupons for some Christmas stuff that I needed and 2 manfg coupons. I knew that I would be getting a $2 register reward back for pop and a $5 register reward back for spending $25. First, they wouldn't take one of my manfg coupons because he said you can not use 2 like coupons in one purchase. There was a line a mile long so I said OK but now that I think about it I may take them back because it made it 2 for $3.49 instead of 2 for $.49. Anyway, then he handed me my receipt and the $2 register reward. I could tell the machine was still printing things out so I waited and said I should have a $5 register reward. There was some coupons that printed before and after the register reward and you will never believe what the cashier did. He took the register reward out of the middle of the coupons and ripped the coupons in half and threw them in the trash and handed me the register reward. I couldn't believe it. I have gotten some really good coupons that decided to print off that machine. I was in shock and didn't know what to do. I just walked away with my items and my register rewards.
I guess Christmas shopping is already getting to some people. . . .

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

K-Mart Double Coupon Days!!!!

We went to Branson over the weekend and did some Christmas shopping. I decided to take my coupons along as K-Mart was having double coupons up to $2. I took what coupons I had cut out not really knowing what items they would have. Shopping for the deals that I thought we would use or we could use as Christmas gifts was fun but I could see where other couponers had got all the items that would be free or really cheap. All the items you see in the first picture I got for $20 and some change. There are 4 bags of cookies, Clorox wipes, 2 dove shampoos, Garnier shampoo, 4 tag products, 4 lifesavers, 4 dog treats, 3 Revlon makeup, Tylenol rapid release, 2 socks. There were several items that were a good deal or we needed and I could only use 2 of the same coupons so I had Scott buy some more goodies with the Christmas gifts that we bought.
The Lifesavers were free and the cookies were $.20. I can't remember exactly what the tag was but it was around $2 which will be going in a stocking.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Savings at Walgreen's!

I haven't done much shopping in the last couple of weeks so I decided to stop and see if I could get in on a few good deals at Walgreen's. Transaction #1
2- Bic Soleil Razors 2/$6.99 - 2 $3.00 coupons = $.99 for 2
2- Reach Tooth brushes 2/$6.00 - BOGO coupon-$3.00 =$3.00 for 2
3 - WG Lip Care B2G1 free $.99 each -$1.98
Total after tax $7.17 got back $6 register reward off my next order
Total Savings $15.99

Transaction #2
2-Bic Soleil Razors 2/$6.99 - 2 $3.00 coupons = $.99 for both
2-Reach tooth brushes 4/$6 - BOGO -3.00 = $3.00 for both
Total after tax $5.03 received $6 register reward for buying 2 Reach products.
Total Savings $14.97
I tried to take a photo of my receipts this time. I think if you click on them they will be large enough to read. It's fun spending $3 and getting $6 back. I will probably use that money to finish my stocking stuffers.
I was wondering, do you think people would think I was weird if I put a toothbrush on the outside of presents instead of a candy cane or with a candy cane? I have ended up with several and I know if other children are like ours they leave one everywhere they stay the night. . .

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

$3.47 and $2.07

I'm way behind on my blogging. I am very pleased with all the frozen vegetables that I was able to get on sale matched with coupons for $.10 and $.19 each. Needless to say our freezer is full. It's hard not to stock up when you get them at that price. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I tried to plan dishes around what I had on hand. I only had to buy a couple of items at full price. I am planning on making a Creamy Spinach Casserole and a Cheesy Veggie Pasta and the costs that you see above is what each one will cost me. I can't believe that I am getting away with spending so little. Coupons really do help!! I usually try to plan 2 dishes because we have such a large family that gets together at my moms and I have in the past spent as much as $30 on my pot luck dishes and that is not even cooking the Turkey and main fixings. I am so excited to say that I will have 2 good sized casseroles for under $10.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Walmart Again!

I forgot puppy pads and Italian dressing at Walmart when I went this weekend so I had to make another trip. With the rain and cold weather, my dogs don't want to go outside. I went yesterday the 11th of the month which must be national go to Walmart day and of course I made the run on my lunch hour. There were people blocking the isles chatting and I had to wait in line forever. I should have known when I had to park 4 miles away it was going to be crazy. I didn't do too bad. My subtotal before coupons was $47.15 and my total with taxes after coupons came to $23.14. I took this picture with my cell phone. I thought it would make it easier to show all my cool finds but the quality of the picture is awful so I will try not to do it often. Here is a run down of what I got.
1 Puppy Pads - $6.97
1 Italian Cheese - $2.84
4 Green Giant Steamer Veggies - $1.50 each less $1.00 coupon =$.50 each
1 Wishbone Italian Dressing - $1.78
4 Campbell's Cream of Mushroom -$.60 each less $.40 coupon off 4 = .50 each
4 Campbell's Cream of Chicken -$.60 each less 4/$.40 coupon = .50 each
Garnier Shampoo - $2.96 less $1.00 coupon =$1.96
4 Good Bites dog snacks - $3.62 each less $3.62 coupon = free
6 Johnson Soaps - $.97 each less 2 $3.00 coupons when you buy 3=free plus .03 overage on each.
Angel Hair pasta -$1.50 less $1.00 coupon =$.50

The Green Giant Steamers and the Campbell Cream of Chicken and Cream of Mushroom are on sale at my Walmart this week. I bought a few this past weekend but decided that the deal was good enough to buy a few more.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hudson's run

I've decided that most of our food money goes to produce and junk food. I spent $25 on what you see below. Apples, Kiwi, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, 2 bags of salad, 6 chicken burritos, chicken, and 3 crab meat. I have decided that I really like Hudson's produce and meat departments. It says right on the item if it is from the USA or not. If it is not from here it says where it is from. (BUYING FROM THE USA IS A BIG DEAL AT OUR HOUSE!!) They run good sales so I am going to start watching and try to buy these items there. My next stop was Walmart and we were out of junk food. It's been several months since I have bought any. It almost feels like there is no way to get grocery costs down as low as I would like. There are people out there with a family of 4 that has a $40 a grocery budget a week and some as low as $20 a month for a family of 2. It is a lot of fun hunting bargains but I don't think I will ever be that good.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Shopping Day Sunday

Breanna and I made a rather large shopping trip on Sunday. We hit 3 stores. I spent way too much. Country Mart was having a pretty good meat sale so I bought 2 roasts, chicken, steaks. I also picked up some frozen veggies that were on sale and some Rice A Roni. We then went to Walmart and spent a ton more on fruit, salsa, laundry soap, socks, etc. I also comp ad stuff at Walmart so I don't have to drive all over town. On comp I got boneless Pork Chops which would have cost me $8.70 but I got them for $5.83 and shredded cheese for $1.50 each. I purchased 4 which should last a couple of weeks. The off brand has been running $2.26 so it was worth it to stock up. I didn't use but a few coupons. Mainly because it was less to buy a larger product that 2 smaller ones. So sad. :(

My best coupon run of the weekend was at Walgreen's. If you have thought about starting the Walgreen's game this is the week to start. Pick up a Easy Saver book at the front of the store and buy 2 Almay Mascaras on sale buy 1 get 1 free this week at $6.49. Then send off for the rebate of $6.49 and you will get 2 for free. If you have your rebate put on a gift card you also get 10% more. Anyway, here is a run down of what I got. 8 - Holiday gift bags - this weeks sale 8/$1.00 =$1.00
1-Glade flameless candle - $5.99 -$3.00 manfg coupon from Sunday paper =$2.99
(will send off for $2 rebate)
2-Almay One Coat Mascara -$6.49 buy 1 get 1 free -$1.00 manfg coupon =2/$5.49
(will send off for $6.49 rebate)
4 - Extra Gum -$1.19 buy 1 get 1 free =4/$2.39
-$1.00 register reward
-$1.00 register reward
-$1.00 register reward
Total after tax $10.06 and will get $8.49 +10% back on rebates at the end of the month.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dog Food

I only buy Science Diet dog food for my fur babies. They get all kinds of snacks depending on what kind of coupons I have. Their favorite snack is Ol Roy Meaty Bone. Of course there are no coupons for the Wal-Mart brand of dog snacks. Do you know if Science Diet ever puts out any coupons? The only place to buy this in town is the Pet Shop or Tractor Supply which are both high. We also buy a large bag of cheap dog food to feed the stay cats about once a month. They love the dog food and it costs less than cat food. It's so nice that Scott is a animal lover like me. Well, maybe not as bad as I am but he hates to see anything go hungry. I think there also is a skunk and an opossum eating from where we feed the cats.


Does your family have a grocery/household budget? We have never had a budget for our groceries but I am hoping with a stock pile full of goodies and only buying on sale and with coupons we can get our groceries and household goods down to between $200 and $250 a month for our family of 4 and 2 dogs. This month has been the first time I have kept up with every penny that I have spent. After I have removed the amount that was for Christmas presents I spent around $315. Not quite as good as I would have liked. $30 of that amount was for dog food which I only buy about every 3 or 4 months. When I got Scott he spent between $50 and $70 a week on groceries and goodies. After I came along that went up to $100 or more. I don't know why. It's not like I eat a ton. Anyway, how much do you usually spend.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I think I fixed my blog!

It has taken me over a hour to do a post and work on my blog layout. I think I have fixed my blog so it should be easier to read.

Walgreens is not my friend today!

Sorry no picture today. My day/evening has been too crazy. Anyway, the cashier I had today has never given me problems but today was different. I did one transaction for a razor and used my gift card after my coupon. My gift card is now empty :( He gave me my receipt but not my register reward. Asked if I needed my second order in a separate bag and I said no. He rang up my second order and refused to scan my coupons in the order I wanted to give them to him. I had tried to buy 2 Vick's hand sanitizers which were on sale for .87 and I had $1 coupons. (had he scanned the coupons in the order I wanted to this probably wouldn't happen because the Vick's coupons were not what beeped.) Anyway, the last coupon he scanned beeped and he didn't say anything to me and called over the load speaker for manager to do complete void. Of course he just looked at me and said coupon conflict and handed the 2 Vick's coupons back to me. The manager came over and said nothing and voided my whole order. The guy in a very hateful tone said sorry I can't accept those they are more than the price of the items. I really didn't know how much they were because they were on the clearance rack. I calmly told him I didn't want the Vick's. I explained before he voided my order and before paying for the second order that I had checked by phone and with the night manager and because the register reward is a manfg coupon they can be scanned in any order. When I was trying to explain that I had called he got so nervous and was shaking which was making me my calm mood not so calm. Then as I am paying for my second order he takes the register reward off the scanner and doesn't want to give it to me and I had to explain that he didn't give it to me from my first transactions. He acted like I was trying to steel the register reward. The poor older gentleman behind me who had to wait a long time and was going to use a rain check and some coupons said to the cashier "I had better not have any problems" which I thought was funny. Here is what I ended up buying in my second transaction.

1 organizer for a walker -$8.49 (on clearance -Christmas present for my grandpa)
2 Gillette shampoos 2/$10 - 2 $2 manfg coupons send off for $5 register rewards
Northern TP $4.00 -$2 manfg coupon and -$1.00 es coupon
-$4 register reward from earlier in the week.

Total $12.49 and will send off for $5 rebate.

I get home and find out there is a -$5/$25 coupon. Bet I could have really could have confused the cashier with that. Probably a good thing I didn't know about it. I was pretty hot when I left there which I usually am not.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is what I have been working on forever!

I have been clipping coupons almost daily to get them all cut out so I can get organized. I have finally got them all cut out except for this weeks. When I divided them all out I ended up the over 20 envelopes. I can't remember the exact number. There is no way I can carry a box of coupons that big to the store. I purchased a neat little photo album that had 2 sleeves on each page that I thought would work great because it would fit in my purse. However, I have too many coupons. So I am thinking about getting a binder with the baseball card sleeves so I can see what I have. I found coupons I didn't know I had that I could actually have made some money on the products. I guess that is what you get for not being organized. Does anyone else have a hard time getting these things organized or is it just me? Word of advise don't get behind. Cut them out every week.

Please help me

Ok, so I'm not the smartest computer operator. I make my post all neat easy to read. I preview it and it look just like I typed it. Then when I go look at the post it has lost all my hard enters. I don't have this problem on my other blog but can't tell what is different. Any ideas?

Walgreen's this week

Well we have had a little drama at our house this week so I am a little behind on getting my posts done and reading about all the great sales that I might be missing. Here is my shopping trip to Walgreen's this week. Bread - $2.49 Not the best deal but we needed it.
Lysol toilet cleaner 2/$2.79 - .50 manfg coupon
Fusion Razor $8.49 -$4.00 manfg coupon
Revlon crlr $3.49 - $1.00 manfg coupon
Revlon tweezers $1.09 - $1.00 coupon
Always $4.99 -$2.00 manfg coupon
-3.00 register rewards
-2.00 register rewards
-2.00 register rewards
Total $9.57 put on gift card from last month so nothing out of pocket. Got back $4 register reward on razor and $1 on Always. The Revlon was buy one get one 50% off the curler will be a stocking stuffer and we never have good tweezers so I splurged at .09.

I went back for transaction #2
Fusion Razor with shaving cream $8.99 -$4 manfg coupon
Always $4.99 -$2.00 Manfg coupon
-$5.00 Register rewards
-$2.00 Register rewards
Total $4.10 which I put on my gift card from last month. Got back $4 register reward for razor and $1 register reward on always.

I plan on making one more trip for another Razor which I will be a Christmas present.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I did a little shopping. . .

Scott did the bulk of our grocery shopping at Walmart this week while I plastered our bathroom walls. (Hopefully we will be done remodeling soon!) He did good and followed my list pretty good and used the coupons I sent. Only a few things not on the list were added in. I made a couple of stops this week. The first one was to Hudson's Grocery. I usually don't shop there often because their every day prices are high. They do run good sales every now and then. They also have a great produce section and meat section. I purchased 4 red peppers for 69 cents each. The main reason I stopped! I just found out this year that I love these peppers. But, I refuse to pay over a dollar each for them. 4 Granny Smith apples at $1.99 lb. Expensive I know but the kids love them and I would rather pay more and have healthy snacks. I also got 3 bags Birdseye frozen green beans on sale for 69 cents each used $1/3 off coupon and 4 cans hunts caned tomatoes on sale 89 cents less .40/2 coupon doubled. Not a huge shopping trip but got some stuff we needed. I made one trip to Walgreen's this week. They were probably wondering what happened to me. I'm usually in there a couple of times a week. This is what I got this time. I had printed out a $5/$25 coupon but decided that I would only use it if I spent over $25 which I didn't plan on. I was only going in for Doritos, toilet paper and 7-up. 2 Doritos - BOGO $3.79
4 7-UP - 4/$5.00
Northern TP $4.00 less $1 es coupon and $1 manfg coupon = $2
2 Clean and Clear blemish on clearance $1.49 each
2 2pk neutrogena makeup remover $2.49 each
-$3.00 register reward
-$3.00 register reward
Total $14.15 used gift card and received $2.00 register reward for 7-up

The chips we needed for Mexican Chicken and taco salad this week. The Doritos do taste better than the off brand so when I can get them for a good deal I buy the good stuff. We are running low on TP so I am working on building my stock back up. Not the best deal but not too bad. I haven't found a great deal on it in a long time. I was paying over $4 for the equate brand of makeup remover for Breanna last school year. So to me the Neutrogena was a good deal. I might have had a coupon at home for it but I hated not to buy them when they only had 2 on sale. Same with the Clean and Clear. They only had 2 and with teenagers you can never have enough of that kind of stuff. It feels like I have been couponing heavily for a long time but when I stop and really think about it, it's only been like 6 months or less. I get some really good deals on household goods but I don't do as well on the groceries. I don't know why that is.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Ever have one of those weeks when you don't even have time to breath? That is my week this week. We are working very hard to get our bathroom remodel completed before the kids come to stay with us for 9 weeks. Needless to say my back is killing me and my right arm might fall off. I do know I will not be plastering walls like this again. It looks really cool but is very time consuming. I haven't had any time to shop any good deals and I know I must be missing a ton. Scott shopped around for some some special boards to go around our tub and at Home Depot it was going to cost around $120. He found it at Packs (a small lumber store) for $5 a sheet so it is only going to cost us $20. WooHoo.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Help My Blog looks CRAZY

I don't' know why but. . . what I type and what shows up on my blog are two different things. I type everything up all nice and easy to read and then hit post and it bunches everything all together. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Walgreen's 10/07

I did two transactions at Walgreen's today. I was glad to see the cashier there who will scan my coupons in the order that I give them. I did really good today. #1
Glade Fameless Candle $5.99
Walgreen's lip tubes B1G1 $1.19 x2 (for widow baskets at Christmas and mom had got her limit)
Glo in the Dark policy $.99 (Bre will love this for Halloween and they only had 1)
Gloves $.50 x 2 (Walgreen's coupon
-$4.50 register rewards
-$5.00 manfg coupon for Glade
Total $1.69 Got $3 Register Reward for next purchase (mom gave me $2 for lip tubes)

Glade Candles $1.99 x 4
Oral B Toothbrush $1.99
Afrin Nasel Spray $5.49
Crest Toothpaste $1.99
Glade fameless candle $5.99
-$4.00 Register Reward
-$1.00 manfg coupon for Glade candles x4 =-$4.00
-$1.00 Manfg coupon Crest
-$.75 Manfg coupon Oral B
-$6.00 Afrin coupon - printed the last time I bought Zyrtec
-$1.00 ES coupon Crest
-$1.00 ES coupon Oral B
Total $7.54 Got back $3 register reward for next purchase. Will send in for $4 mail in rebate

I got out to my car wondering how on earth I spent so much on my second transaction. I thought each should be around $2. He was having a hard time with his register. I Looked at the receipt and noticed he missed my $5 coupon for the Glade Fameless Candle. I went back in and he found the second coupon in the drawer and sent me for the manager to give my money back. The manager was having trouble and took a couple of transactions to get the machine to give my money back. She gave me my $5 back and then handed me another $3 register reward. WOOHOO!!!!!

I usually stay away from the oil candles and plug ins because they are so bad for allergies. I haven't tried them in a while even though they have been free after coupons many places. I decided to give these a try. If they do upset my nose than I will just give them away.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Did you know Fred's doubles coupons up to $.70 on Saturdays? My neighbor has been talking about going to Fred's for double coupon day on Saturdays. I decided since I was out and about that I would stop in and take a look around since I haven't shopped there in forever. I decided to make a small transaction and see how they did the double coupons. It was a breeze the computer did all the work so there were no questions asked. If I understand their policy correct, you can not have more than 1 of the same coupon per transaction. Does anyone know what their exact coupon policy is? My total was $.32.
I may have to shop here more often!

4 Walgreen's Transactions

I went a little crazy this weekend with the $5 off $20 coupons. I did 2 transactions yesterday and had no plans on going to town again today but I got some of the razor coupons so I had to go again. When I went yesterday I had no deals or scenarios of what I was going to purchase other than to pick up more pictures. Today was a little more planned. Here is what I ended up with. Transaction #1
Photos - $12.76 (I used the 10 cent coupon online where you buy 50 prints in 2 separate orders. So I got over $9 in pics for $5 twice.)
Orlb Toothbrush - $4.49
Conair trimmer - $3.49 (*Gift)
2 Tootsi activity pads - $.49 each (*Gift)
- Less $2 register rewards
- Less $5 off $20
Total after Tax $16.06 received $4.50 register reward back.
Total Saved $26
Transaction #2
All gifts from clearance racks
6 Dry Erase Boards $3.24 each
2 mini punches $.49 each
4 calculator rulers $.75 each
Conair trimmer $3.49
- $5 off $20
-4.50 register rewards
Total 19.97
Total savings $89.25

Transaction #3
Zyrtec - $27.99
Fusion Razor - $8.99
-$4 Zyrtec coupon
-$4 Fusion coupon
-$5 off $20
Total $26.54 received $4 register reward
Total saved $9.50
I tried to use a register reward but was told I couldn't because my coupon total was more than the register reward I was trying to use. Anyone else ever heard of this? After reading another blog about register rewards I think it was because I only had 2 products and that would have made it 3 manf coupons which you can't do.
Transaction #4
Soft Soap $.99 with Walgreen's coupon
Puff $.89 with Walgreen's coupon
Fusion Razor 8.99
-.25 puff coupon
-.35 soap coupon
-4.00 razor coupon
Total $7.14 received $4.00 register reward back
Total saved $8.10
(Couldn't use a register reward on this one either. I keep trying maybe eventually I will get to use all of them.)

You know it's crazy when. . .

You know it's bad when you have more of these than you do money. I seam to have the worst time getting the Walgreen's cashier to accept these. I found a lot of answers that I didn't know today in a post here. Check it out.

A New blog

I am going to try and keep up with 2 blogs. People who look at my personal one probably don't care what I buy for little or nothing. People who look at my blog to check out the bargains I find probably don't care about all the personal things that I take photos of. So for now I'm going to try and keep two and see how it goes. I love blogging. Wish I had more time for it.