Monday, April 27, 2009

I will be away for a while

My husband won a all inclusive trip to Cancun through work and we were scheduled to leave on Saturday. However, with the flu breakout that trip was cancelled. They are planning somewhere else for us to go but won't know where until tomorrow. I don't know if I will have to change what I have packed and we may have to fly out on Friday instead of Saturday so this week is going to be really crazy. There probably won't be any posts until late next week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walgreen's Earth Day Shopping

I went to Walgreen's today to use the 15% off coupon and get the free Walgreen's Green Bag. As usual they didn't have everything I wanted but I was still able to get a few good deals. Physicians Formula powder on sale 40% off with an add'l 15% off $6.62
Physicians Formula Lip Gloss on clearance and an add'l 15% off $4.07
Skintimate with 15% off $2.54
Shopping bag with 20% off $.79
Less $.79 coupon for bag
Less $1.00 Physicians Formula
Less $1.00 Physicians Formula
Less $3.50 Register Reward
Total with Tax $8.79 Got back $3.00 Register Reward for Skintimate and will get $10.00 back for the Physicians Formula.
I consider this a FREE trip since I made money getting that register reward back after the coupon I had for the toothpaste a couple of weeks ago. WOOHOO!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu for the Week and a few recipes

For starters, I would like to tell you about a recipe I got from another blog that was yummy. Sorry I can't remember which blog so if this is your recipe please send me a comment and I will give you the credit.It's called One Pot Sausage, potatoes and Green Beans. It was really simple and I will be adding it to our summer dishes. I like to keep things light that don't heat up the house too much for summer. One Pot Sausage, Potatoes and Green Beans

1 pkg Kabossa or Smoked Sausage (I used 2 smaller packages one of each kind)
1 tsp oil
1 medium onion
2 cloves of garlic (I didn't have this so used garlic powder.)
1 1/2 lbs potatoes cut 3/4 inch thick (Next time I will slice everything smaller.)
1 16oz frozen green Beans (thaw before cooking.)
Salt and pepper ( I added Cavenders and Tony's.)

Brown sausage. Cook potatoes and onion in oil until tender. (almost done) Add green beans. cover and cook 5 more min. Add sausage cook til warmed.

Tonight we will be having my version of Chicken Cacciatore

1lb boneless skinless chicken (diced)
1 med onion
1 green pepper
1 packet taco seasoning
1 jar/can spaghetti sauce
1 8oz can tomato sauce
pepper, cumin, chili powder to taste

Place diced chicken, onion and pepper with taco seasoning and water in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 min. Put chicken mixture and juice in a pan and cook on low until done. Add all remaining items and simmer. Serve over spaghetti noodles and top with cheddar cheese.

Now, on to what we are having this week. I haven't found any good meat sales in about a month so we are running really low. The only meat I have purchased has been hamburger which I went to the store for something else and it happened to be an unadvertised sale. Hopefully there will be some good sales this week. If not I will have to purchase it at full price. YUCK!

Meat Loaf (step daughters favorite - will have one more time before it gets too hot)
Mexican Chicken
Beef Pasta
Crunchy Tacos
Pork Chops
Grilled Chicken

Garage Sales

My favorite time of year is finally here! Well that is if the weather ever cooperates. Anyway, my step kids had to go to school this Saturday since they missed so many days due to the ice storm and their school thought it was a good idea to keep spring break since the teachers already had plans for their break. (Not happy with the school!) My husband and I decided to go to some garage sales. Yes, he does go with me. He is great to hold hangers and stuff for me. It's also great that he has his wallet with him. Then I don't have to carry my purse and can have both hands free to dig. We didn't have any luck except for some Gatorade. Yes, that's right we bought Gatorade at a garage sale. Fed Ex Freight was having a sale and they were selling cases of Gatorade for $5. Knowing that it would cost around $15 to buy it at Walmart we decided to get one. We went up to pay and they had just hung up a 1/2 price sign so we got if for $2.50. We decided to go back and get 3 more. We ended up with $60 of Gatorade for $10 and it is still in date. WOOHOO!

Rolling Register Rewards

Have you been rolling those register rewards from Walgreen's. I will be honest when I get alot of them I start confusing myself. I have been rolling the RR from the chap stick to by the scunci and then using the one from the scunci to buy chap stick and we can't forget the toothpaste RR to buy the Skintimate and the Skintimate to buy toothpaste and brushes. Am I the only one or does it all get confusing making sure you use the right RR because using the RR you got for a item to purchase the same item will not print another one. Anyway, I am starting the week with $14 in RR. I'm not going to worry about rolling them so much this week. We need basic things like toilet paper, soda, etc. I am planning on using my RR for these items so hopefully I will not be out much money. I have worked out several transactions and I hope everything works out.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy Saturday Shopping

I went to Walmart this morning. Big mistake!! I needed to get my oil changed and some groceries. For once it took me longer to get through the store than it did to get my vehicle serviced. I have said this many times but I shouldn't get my oil changed there. I really feel like they don't know what they are doing. It is just convenient (since I had to go there anyway) when I slip up and am over the mileage and need to get it changed. Anyway, the store was completely crazy. People were everywhere. I couldn't get down any of the isles. I had a list and coupons and didn't get everything on the list which means I will have to make another shopping trip. All the managers where checking and there were still long lines everywhere. I try to go to the store without kids but going the day before a holiday was worse. I should have known it would be bad but thought I had gone early enough that I would miss alot of the traffic. My trip to Walmart took so long that I didn't get in all of the other stops I was going to make before our Easter dinner today.

Later in the day I went to Walgreen's and did pretty good. I had planned on going several times through the week but didn't make it. Transaction # 1 Paid $5.42 on gift card. Received $3.50 register reward for toothpaste and $3.00 register reward for Skintimate. Will get $2.00 +10% rebate back for Oust
Transaction #2 Paid $1.66 on gift card. Got $2 register reward back for Chap Stick

Transaction #3 Paid $17.01 got back $10 register reward.
I also stopped at Fred's for some soda which was on sale and to use the last of my chicken coupons. $.25 is a great price for can chicken. Wish I had more coupons.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sorry no picture today. I was able to get some good deals this week at Walgreen's yesterday. I plan on trying to go back later this week. Here is what I got.

1 Gallon of Milk $2.89
2 Oust $2.99 Less 2 $2.00 coupons
1 Colgate toothpaste with Free trial size $2.99 less $1.50 coupon
6 Mentos gum $1.00 less 6 $1.00 coupons
Less $3.00 register reward from last week
Total after tax $4.52. Got $3.50 Register reward back for the toothpaste and will get $2.00 rebate back for the Oust.