Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting back to normal.

Today was my first day back at work. Well, I only made it half a day. Surgery is not fun at all. I'm beginning to wonder if the gas pains from the surgery will ever go away. I'm having alot of problems with food. For starters nothing tastes right. Even pop tastes a little weird. Then after I have had 2 or 3 bites of something I feel full. But I'm hungry. I'm wondering if this is normal to be living off of water and popsicles after surgery. You would think by my diet I had throat surgery. On the upside I have already lost close to 10lbs.

I didn't have much time to prepare for surgery with one day notice so my husband made the Walmart run for me. He even price matched a couple of items and used a few coupons. He has been a great babysitter and is probably wondering if he will ever get a home cooked meal again.

Since food is not tasting that great and we have plenty of stuff in my stockpile, there won't be much shopping this week. I went through my coupons yesterday and there are several that are expiring at the end of the month that I might try to use. I have searched the ads this week and haven't found any great deals so this is a good week not to shop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I will be away for a while

Just a quick update. . . . . I found out yesterday that I have gall stones and will be having surgery tomorrow to remove my gall bladder. I will start posting on a regular basis again when I am feeling better.

Friday, February 13, 2009

There is a time when you shouldn't shop

I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks now. I have been having pains on my right side. Everything has been so busy at home and work that I finally left my class early in Fayetteville today, drove home like a mad woman and made it to my doctors appointment at 1:30. Anyway, it is a toss up of what could be wrong and they are going to do more tests on Monday. While I was at Walgreen's picking up my medicine, I decided to pick up a few things and do the Windex deal. First I forgot to use my $.40 coupon then when I got home I realized that the Windex for the Free mail in rebate is for the Antibacterial kind. Guess if I make it back to town tomorrow, I will take it back and get the right kind. Note to self, do not shop for deals if you are not feeling well and don't have a plan. Today is the only shopping I have done this week so that makes up for my big Walmart trip last Saturday.

Hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day. I think our plan is to stay home and watch some free movies from the On Demand channel. I cooked a noodle casserole last night so we have left overs for tonight which will make it where I can rest this evening.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Here are a few of the good deals I got at Fred's today. Remember Fred's doubles coupons up to $.70 on Saturdays. You can only have one like coupon to be doubled per transaction.

Dinty Moore stews $1.50 Less $.55 coupon doubled = $.40
Armour Meat Balls $2.99 Less $.55 coupon doubled= $1.89
Suave body wash $1.79 Less $.50 coupon doubled= $.79
Sweet Sue Chicken $1.00 less $.75 coupon=$.25
Mean Green $1.99 less $1.50 coupon=$.49

I have always hated grocery shopping on Saturdays because there are so many people out and about. However, the deals I have been picking up at Fred's with the double coupons has turned out to be worth it. I will just avoid Wal~Mart!!!!!!

Expensive Trip to Walgreen's

I only purchased a couple of things today at Walgreen's and it cost a lot. Prilosec OTC is expensive but really seams to work. I decided it was time to buy this since it was $24.99 for 42 tablets less $7 coupon that expires at the end of the month and I will get a $5 rebate. I don't know if you can tell but the box reads $15 Value P&G Coupons inside. The coupons do not expire until 2011. Now, I just need to find a good deal on Zyrtec which is also expensive. I try to buy it with a coupon matched with a Walgreen's deal also. Total Spent: $26.67
Will get back in rebates $6.99 + 10% for having my rebate loaded on my gift card.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Clipping to toss

A couple of months ago, I decided I would do a coupon binder to keep all my coupons neat and organized and hopefully easy to find. I got a nice zippered binder on clearance of course and purchased all those expensive pages. Well, I have a hard time finding or making the time to clip all the coupons. I get several copies and not always on the same day so I can't just plan a day to do it. If someone is nice enough to give them to me, I can't just say. . . .I need them every Tuesday by 5. Anyway, I have about 3 weeks worth to cut out. I did find the time to go through my binder and pull out all the expired ones and the stack is huge. I feel like I am wasting my time clipping all of these that I more than likely will not use. So in a way I feel like I am just clipping to toss them out along with wasting all my time I spent clipping them. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm thinking of coming up with more of a filing system of filing the inserts in date order or something. What have you found to be the best way of organizing your coupons?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Shopping

I have tons of housework to do since we were out of power for so long, but it's really hard to be quiet while my husband is trying to sleep during the day. I decided to do a little coupon shopping and add to my stock pile. Here is what I got today

5- Electrasol $2.99 less (5) $2.50 Manfg coupons
6- Sweet Sue Chicken $1.00 Less (6) $.75 Manfg coupons
4- Reeses Whipps $.54 less (2) $1.00/2 Manfg coupons
2-Blistex $1.00 less (1) $1.00/2 Manfg coupon
Total including tax $5.52

Revlon Cream Lip Gloss $9.99 less $2 Manfg coupon
2- Theraflu $2/10.00 less (2) $1.50 Manfg coupons
* I had two different coupons for $1.50 so I was able to use them*
Fructis Waves Shampoo $3.49 less $1.00 Manfg coupon
Thermacare $2.49
2-Quacker Chewy Bars less $1.00/2 Manfg coupon
Less $2 register reward
Total $23.25 and will get back $21.97 back in rebates + 10% for having my rebate put on a Walgreen's gift card.

Last Stop Country Mart
24- Betty Crocker potatoes $.79 less (24) $.35 coupons doubled
*I had a rain check from when this was on sale a couple of weeks ago*
Salad $.99
Ribeye Steak $7.54 Less $3.00 off
T-Bone Steak $6.95 Less $3.00 off
Total $14.42

All in All it was a pretty good shopping day. I hate being out so much money up front at Walgreen's but my December rebates are not loaded yet and they only had a few of the free after rebate items in the store. I was afraid if I waited they would not have any. I'm glad I found some reduced meat. My husband's birthday is at the end of the month and Ribeye is his favorite. I always make sure we have one to grill for his special day.

Now, I'm going to gather up some of my stock pile to give to my sister. They are still out of power and lost or cooked the food that they had in their fridge and freezer. I figure anything she doesn't have to buy while she is trying to restock her cold goods will be helpful.