Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rich on Meat and some Shopping

It's been a while since I have posted. It has been a very busy fall and winter. We have been remodeling our older home our selves which takes alot of time when you are learning as you go. My younger brother is also getting married on Saturday. I did finally find time to put the Christmas . With all that said, My husband and step son both killed their first deer. We ended up with about 75lbs of deer meat which is pictured below. Then my mom and dad gave us a quarter of a cow. I had also purchased a Turkey at 40 cents a lb. We ended up buying a new to us freezer for $200. It was a steel. Looks brand new and saved us several hundred dollars.
I stopped at Country Mart today to do some couponing.
4- Worcestershire sauce $1.27 less $.50 coupon doubled
2- Lipton soup $1.27 less $.50 coupon doubled
6 riceland brown rice $1.05 less $.50 coupon doubled
Total $2.48

4- All $3.50 less 4-$2 Manfg coupons
Renu $9.99 - $10 RR back
Stayfree $1.99 - $2 RR back
Brush set $2.00 -$2 RR back
Neutrogena wash $4.99- $5 RR back
Total $27.61 and got back $24 in register rewards. I got the register rewards back listed above and also $5 for spending $25. The Register Reward deals end on Saturday.