Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gas Coupon

I received a coupon in my today for $2 off $10 worth of gas at Murphy USA (Wal-Mart). Did anyone else get one? Wondering if any one has received one or used one.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rich on Meat and some Shopping

It's been a while since I have posted. It has been a very busy fall and winter. We have been remodeling our older home our selves which takes alot of time when you are learning as you go. My younger brother is also getting married on Saturday. I did finally find time to put the Christmas . With all that said, My husband and step son both killed their first deer. We ended up with about 75lbs of deer meat which is pictured below. Then my mom and dad gave us a quarter of a cow. I had also purchased a Turkey at 40 cents a lb. We ended up buying a new to us freezer for $200. It was a steel. Looks brand new and saved us several hundred dollars.
I stopped at Country Mart today to do some couponing.
4- Worcestershire sauce $1.27 less $.50 coupon doubled
2- Lipton soup $1.27 less $.50 coupon doubled
6 riceland brown rice $1.05 less $.50 coupon doubled
Total $2.48

4- All $3.50 less 4-$2 Manfg coupons
Renu $9.99 - $10 RR back
Stayfree $1.99 - $2 RR back
Brush set $2.00 -$2 RR back
Neutrogena wash $4.99- $5 RR back
Total $27.61 and got back $24 in register rewards. I got the register rewards back listed above and also $5 for spending $25. The Register Reward deals end on Saturday.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rolling those Register Rewards

I rolled several register rewards last week. This is what I have done so far this week. #1
Halls Refresh $1.00 less S.75 coupon
Zantac $8.99 less $1.00 coupon
Chap Stick $2.99
Less $7.00 Reward from last week
Total $5.27
Got back $9 reward from Zantac, $3.00 for Chap Stick, & $1.00 for Halls

Halls Refresh $1.00 less $.75 coupon
Zyrtec $18.99 Less $4.00 coupon
Chap Stick $2.99
Less $9 reward
Total $11.07
Got back $1.00 for Halls, $7.00 for Zyrtec, & $3.00 for Chap Stick

Halls $1.00 less $.75 coupon
Zantac $8.99 less $1.00
Filler $.99
Filler $.99
Less $7.00 reward
Less $3.00 reward
Total $1.10
Got back $9.00 for Zantac and $1.00 for Halls
Yes, I spent alot out of pocket but this is for brands and things we use all the time. My step son and I both take Zantac a few times a month and I take Zyrtec alot. I feel that I should try to stock this week as much as I can.
How are you rolling those register rewards?

Price Matching at Wal-Mart

It pays to watch the sale ads with all the different stores. Country Mart in our area had Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops on sale for $1.59lb. I went to the store and they were out so I price matched at Walmart. There they are normally $3.67lb which would make the 2 packages $11.52 and $9.76. I was able to score these for $4.99 and $4.23. So I got aprox 6.80lbs of pork chops for less than the price for 3lbs. I will be working the next couple of weeks to restock our freezer which is running really low on meat.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Don't forget Fred's doubles coupons up to $.70 on Saturdays.

Here's what I got
Reese's $1.00 less $.55 coupon doubled
Life savers $1.69 less $1.00 coupon
6 Sweet Sue Chicken $1.09 Less $.75 coupon (this is the only place in town I can find this brand of chicken up $.09 from the last time we had coupons.)
Mentos $1.39 less $.55 coupon doubled
Ziploc Freezer bags $2.00 less $.40 coupon doubled

Total with tax $4.54

How did I decide what to buy? Reese's were free. I took the life savers to work. Nice to have something since I talk all day long. The chicken is so good to have around for dips or when I forget to take something out for supper. We needed the freezer bags and I wasn't going to any other stores.

Does anyone else shop at Fred's on Saturdays?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Plum

For some reason the newspapers in my area no longer have the Red Plum insert in them. Is anyone else having this problem? It really messed up my plans for Walgreen's. My step daughter and I really like the Fructis hair products. I needed the inserts form Red Plum a few weeks back to make a really good deal but didn't have the coupons. Knowing that I would soon be paying full price for these item because we only had 1 bottle left. I decided to go ahead and buy $20 worth of products which was 6 bottles. Used my $5 register reward that was expiring and got back a $10 register reward for next time. Not the best deal but better than paying full price.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So why no posts

Well, I just haven't found any really good deals to tell about lately. My stock pile is running low in many areas from lack of shopping but am hoping for some good deals over the next few weeks. It's funny I use to think that if there was 1 spare of anything that was not included in that weeks meal plan, I was doing good. Now I feel like if there is not at least 5 of something we are running low. . . . There are some things we have actually ran out of and I had to pay full price for (YUCK!) :(

Well, last week my step son asked for some different stuff for dinners. I have tried not to use the oven a lot during the hot months. Now that it is a little cooler this week, we are going to have some stuff like shepherds pie and Mexican chicken. I'm looking for some new recipes nothing sounds good right now as it is not quite cold enough for all the winter meals I usually fix.

I have a $5 register reward at Walgreen's that I need to roll. Unfortunately, I don't see anything I can't live with out to roll it. Maybe I'm just on a shopping burn out. . . . .

Hopefully, now that my month of working overtime is over, things will get back to normal. The overtime pay came at just the right time as I needed new tires and was able to do the extra work to help pay for them.

We also have a big remodel project that should start in a couple of week so my house will be torn up for a few weeks when that gets started.

Life sure can get crazy sometimes.