Monday, October 19, 2009

Rolling those Register Rewards

I rolled several register rewards last week. This is what I have done so far this week. #1
Halls Refresh $1.00 less S.75 coupon
Zantac $8.99 less $1.00 coupon
Chap Stick $2.99
Less $7.00 Reward from last week
Total $5.27
Got back $9 reward from Zantac, $3.00 for Chap Stick, & $1.00 for Halls

Halls Refresh $1.00 less $.75 coupon
Zyrtec $18.99 Less $4.00 coupon
Chap Stick $2.99
Less $9 reward
Total $11.07
Got back $1.00 for Halls, $7.00 for Zyrtec, & $3.00 for Chap Stick

Halls $1.00 less $.75 coupon
Zantac $8.99 less $1.00
Filler $.99
Filler $.99
Less $7.00 reward
Less $3.00 reward
Total $1.10
Got back $9.00 for Zantac and $1.00 for Halls
Yes, I spent alot out of pocket but this is for brands and things we use all the time. My step son and I both take Zantac a few times a month and I take Zyrtec alot. I feel that I should try to stock this week as much as I can.
How are you rolling those register rewards?

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