Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So why no posts

Well, I just haven't found any really good deals to tell about lately. My stock pile is running low in many areas from lack of shopping but am hoping for some good deals over the next few weeks. It's funny I use to think that if there was 1 spare of anything that was not included in that weeks meal plan, I was doing good. Now I feel like if there is not at least 5 of something we are running low. . . . There are some things we have actually ran out of and I had to pay full price for (YUCK!) :(

Well, last week my step son asked for some different stuff for dinners. I have tried not to use the oven a lot during the hot months. Now that it is a little cooler this week, we are going to have some stuff like shepherds pie and Mexican chicken. I'm looking for some new recipes nothing sounds good right now as it is not quite cold enough for all the winter meals I usually fix.

I have a $5 register reward at Walgreen's that I need to roll. Unfortunately, I don't see anything I can't live with out to roll it. Maybe I'm just on a shopping burn out. . . . .

Hopefully, now that my month of working overtime is over, things will get back to normal. The overtime pay came at just the right time as I needed new tires and was able to do the extra work to help pay for them.

We also have a big remodel project that should start in a couple of week so my house will be torn up for a few weeks when that gets started.

Life sure can get crazy sometimes.

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