Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Plum

For some reason the newspapers in my area no longer have the Red Plum insert in them. Is anyone else having this problem? It really messed up my plans for Walgreen's. My step daughter and I really like the Fructis hair products. I needed the inserts form Red Plum a few weeks back to make a really good deal but didn't have the coupons. Knowing that I would soon be paying full price for these item because we only had 1 bottle left. I decided to go ahead and buy $20 worth of products which was 6 bottles. Used my $5 register reward that was expiring and got back a $10 register reward for next time. Not the best deal but better than paying full price.


Mary said...

If your local paper stopped carrying the RP insert, you can have Red Plum mail you one directly. I think it's just www.redplum.com where you sign up for it. I have one mailed right to my house now, it's great! If you sign up all your local relatives for one, too, you can get multiple coupons that way.

Angie said...

Thanks Mary,

I'll try that.